How To Sell Your Home With Pets

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Selling your home with pets can be challenging. While our furry family members are really important to us, additional steps are often necessary to get your home ready to list on the market. We’ve compiled the best tips to make preparing your home a bit easier!

Start by cleaning up the exterior

Ensure that you are picking up after your pet if they use your backyard as their bathroom. Fill any holes and replace any damaged landscaping. Having your home in tip-top shape on the exterior will ensure that you make the best first impression on potential buyers.

Make interior repairs
Start by assessing the flooring. Not all pets damage the carpet and wood flooring, but it’s definitely the best place to start. Other items to check for damage are cabinets, baseboards, window screens and furniture. Repairing these items ahead of time will ensure that you are presenting a home that is move in ready!

Put away your pet’s belongings
De-cluttering is the best way to get your home market ready and this includes pet items! Put away toys in a basket or pile that is out of the way. Other items to tuck away are litter boxes, pet beds, and cat trees.

Give your home a deep cleaning
A deep clean is going to be the finishing touch that helps to seal the deal with potential buyers. On top of your regular cleaning tasks, clean underneath all furniture, baseboards, have carpets shampooed, and wipe down cabinets.

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