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The Houk Group  – Job Standards

  1. Primary Objectives What are the major objectives or outcomes to be accomplished by the person in this job?
    • The Director of Administration builds, implements, and manages all systems for transaction coordination, internal communication, client communication, financial management, information management, central database management, and marketing.
    • Assists as needed in documenting the systems of other departments, including customer service, buyer, seller, lead generation, tracking, and expansion systems.
    • Is responsible for all financial systems, including maintaining the books, paying the bills, handling payroll, assuring the collection of commissions, maintaining the budget, and generating financial reports.
    • Oversees all contracts through closing.
    • Creates and maintain an operations manual that documents all systems and standards.
    • Coordinates the purchase, installation, and maintenance of all office equipment.
    • Is responsible for hiring, training, consulting, and holding accountable all additional administrative team members.
  2. Regular Work ActivitiesWhat are the most frequent and essential work activities in this job?
    • System development, implementation, documentation, and management
    • Information management
    • Oversight of contracts through closing
    • Customer/Vendor relations
    • Bookkeeping (A/R and A/P)
    • Leading administrative team members (as appropriate to team structure)
  3. Management Responsibilities How many people and which roles will be directly managed by this person?
    • (As appropriate to team structure …) All administrative team members
  4. Key SkillsWhat behavioral traits, attitudes, and skills are required?
    • Strong written and verbal communication skills
    • Great ability to focus
  1. People Contacts and Interactions What are the primary people contacts in this job (who, why, and how often)?
    • Expansion Agent – daily
    • Expansion Teams – daily
    • Administrative Team (as appropriate to team structure) – daily
    • Buyers/Sellers/Vendors – as appropriate


  1. Compensation Fill in as appropriate for your Market Center and organizational structure.  Components to consider include base salary, health insurance, performance-based bonuses, Profit Share, and other employee benefits.



Job Requirements

Experience, Training, and Education What prior work and life experience will help the person in this role succeed? (Education, industry-specific, sales, administrative, management, customer service)






The Director of Administration is a key Empire Protector for the growing expansion empire. This Director is the master of systems, consistently seeking new, innovative, and efficient business processes that save time and money. As a key leader in the Expansion Hub, the Director of Administration increases the ability of the Hub to process transactions, freeing the Expansion Partners to focus more on generating transactions than closing them. This person relishes the opportunity to build, implement, and manage multiple systems, and is seen throughout the organization as the expert on efficiency and systems. This person exhibits a drive to use systems as a strategic tool for creating an advantage for the organization. This individual will have some ability to show patience in finding a solution, though accomplishing the objective is more important for this person than using one specific process.


The Director of Administration is deeply committed to supporting the growth of the Expansion Agent and Expansion Director in achieving greater and greater levels of success, and to growing his/her own skills and developing into a supportive leader within the team. As the success of the team grows, this individual will be responsible for hiring, training, and leading additional team members to ensure all administrative tasks of the lead agent’s business continue to be completed to high standards with maximum efficiency.


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