Our top summer Gulf Coast getaways!

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5.) Ship Island, MS
Ship island is just a ferry ride away from Gulf Port Mississippi! This makes for the perfect day trip to breathe in a little salty air. The ferry ride is just under an hour, and if your lucky, you will be able to see dolphins swimming on the ride over. The island rents beach chairs and has a snack bar, but you are welcome to bring an ice chest full of snacks if you want!

4.) Orange Beach, AL
Orange Beach is a beloved family vacation spot! There is something for everyone here from fine dining to enjoying the day on the beach. The Wharf offers restaurants and shopping. If you are looking for something different than a typical beach day, try spending the day at the Alabama Gulf Coast Zoo. This zoo is unlike most and offers  up close encounters for most of their animals. You can play with the baby tigers or slow things down with the sloths. Don’t miss this great opportunity while you are there!

3.) Fairhope, AL
This Gulf coast vacation spot features beautiful antebellum homes, large oak trees, and a walkable downtown area that is packed with character. Fairhope sits on Mobile Bay and has a calm laid back vibe that is sure to lower your stress levels. If you decide to visit, we reccommend stay at The Grand Hotel!

2.) Cape San Blas, FL
Voted on of the best locations to snorkel outside of the Caribbean, Cape San Blas offer a unique experience! Be ready to walk away with a treasure trove of large shells from just one day on the beach! If the beach is not your style, St. Joseph bay offers calm waters to kayak or paddle board instead!

1.) Seaside, FL
The moment that you step into the town of Seaside, you will feel like you just stepped into paradise. The beaches in seaside are about as beautiful as they come. Crystal blue water and soft white sands are all you find find along this 30A beach! The town features lots of great dining spots and eclectic shops to find the perfect gift or souvenir! Come for beach or come for the food – either way you won’t be disappointed!

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